Filtering my discussions

I’m hoping to find some time to talk more about teaching, writing, and other topics, partly just as a “notes to my future self” but maybe for use to others who stumble across them. However, I also know that most of the current readers are family who just likes to know what is happening with us.

Thankfully, you can use the categories to just see what you are interested in. Unfortunately, for the email alerts, I’m not sure how to filter those. But hopefully titles will help. Basically, I don’t expect you to necessarily be interested in my thoughts on writing academic material for mainstream audiences, or the combining of characters in adaptations… although maybe talking about my Lecture Fail that happened a few weeks back might be embarrassingly fun.

Anyway, the categories are (currently) linked at the top of the page, or you can bookmark the following links.

Life – – This is updates on Diana, the kids, and I on what we we’re doing. Mostly just applicable to my family. (RSS feed – )

School – – All the exciting news and ideas from my teaching and grad studenting. (RSS feed – )

Writing – – Here especially is a lot of “notes to my future self”, but I’ll probably ramble about some of the issues I have come across in my writing, what my current projects are, and so on. (RSS feed – )

Weight Loss – – Nothing really new to report there, and not a whole lot on the horizon. I suppose with the nicer weather I’ll be walking more and might start losing again. We’ll see. But there’s the link in case ya want it. Usually anything will also be in the category Life, so you can most likely ignore this one. (RSS feed – )


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