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Worried about weekly weigh-in, but Diana still lost 2 pounds, and I lost exactly 1. Plus I posted my record low blood pressure. Take THAT Mr. Dr. Man recommending blood pressure meds.

Got up yesterday for my first day of being a full time student/professor and not having a desk job. I guess I watch to many movies because it felt like such a new beginning should be more profound, you know? Like I should at least have a musical montage 80’s style. But I just snoozed the alarm twice and then made pancakes for the kids.

Today was the first day of class at Alma. I’ll see about going into more detail on that later (although perhaps not too much, students these days have that Google thing). 😉 But overall, it went much faster than I thought it would, I rambled more than I wanted but less than I feared, and it went alright. The white out blizzard there and back was not fun, however. But I am home safe.

Hopefully something more substantial tomorrow since I have been running crazy getting everything ready for this week.


So what did you do on your Saturday night?

Ella decreed that tonight we would have a talent show after dinner, and everyone had to perform. I am not sure if it was a factor, but last night Samantha had a sleepover and so we are all operating on minimal sleep. (For example, at 4am Samantha and her friends “woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep” – I’m not sure they had even slept yet at that point. Ug.)

The results of our Talent Show are below. Enjoy… if you dare!

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