Month: November 2010

Weight Loss Day 10 – My Weigh-In and the Circle of Life

It has been quite a week with good and bad. As word has probably spread, Pepper passed away Monday. But Diana and I both had some big steps towards our future careers. Continue reading “Weight Loss Day 10 – My Weigh-In and the Circle of Life”

Big Change for 2011

Yikes. I did it. This morning I put in my notice for quitting work in January, and I let the Philosophy department know I accepted the instructorship. (They needed to know this week on the instructorship, and I had my performance review this morning at work, so it seemed best to get the decision done so everyone can plan accordingly.)

So, as of early January, for the first time in 13 years I will not be a full-time employee. Scary.

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Weight Loss Day 3 – Detox Headache fading, food more tempting

Well, it’s Day 3 of the Optifast program (don’t want to call it a “diet” since Sparrow has a comprehensive program that goes well beyond just eating less). Of course it’s been different than we expected. So far, I have had very little hunger issues, so that’s good. However, Diana and I both had some serious headaches.

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Dusting this off

Well, it has been a heck of a long time since I wrote here. Typical for my blogging/Livejournal efforts in the past, but now at least I have more to talk about. 2010 has been a very interesting year in transitioning to what looks like a great, but quite scary 2011. More details to follow. 😉

But initially, I plan to use this to journal some for the weight loss program Diana and I are starting. It seems like a great comprehensive program, and hopefully it will get us where we need to be health-wise.

So, please disregard all the old posts below, that was year-ago-Ken. This is the new Ken who is up to some really fun stuff.