Month: December 2011

Latest house and job update

Quick update here:

  • Last job interview wound up going to someone else (much to the chagrin of the recruiter who had been spending months trying to find a good candidate but they wound up getting someone on their own).
  • Got another interview Friday at MSU, so I’m really hoping for that. Pay is probably a bit less than what I had been looking for, but benefits are much better and being that close would be perfect! So we will see. The job listing had all the signs of “we already have someone internal for the job, but we need to formally post it”, so I almost didn’t apply. But with how things are going, I’m taking every opportunity I can, even if it is remote. Plus it sounds like a great job I would love doing, so I’m crossing my fingers!
  • I’m not sure on the exact date, but technically I think this Friday I am officially unemployed. That’s not fun, BUT as long as it is temporary, it does open up even more assistance options. So I’m getting ready to fill out plenty of forms for all the government assistance we can get. About time the 1% supported US!
  • Diana is also applying around for some more part or full time work. So two of us hitting the job market increases our chances.
  • Had our “mediation meeting” today with the law firm handling our foreclosure and (via speakerphone) Bank of America. In these meetings a very small number are approved for loan modification, a small number a denied, and the vast majority are flagged “we need more documents”. We fell into the “need more documents” category. So, as much as knowing would be nice, right now our financials are such that I don’t see us being approved, so I’m all for any delay we can get.
  • The representative from the law firm today also has a Dec 9 birthday.
  • The other useful information was on the timeline should we be denied a loan modification. Nothing happens until after Jan 11. After that, according to Michigan law, they need to post in the local newspaper for 4 weeks about the possibility of our house being up for auction. Then there is the Sheriff Sale where our house goes to the highest bidder. That is almost assuredly the Bank just buying it themselves. Then we have 6 months (again by law) for redemption where we try to rework things out. Only after that, will the house be fully owned by the bank (or whoever) and we have like 30 days to vacate (or according to Michael Moore, we should squat and stick it to the banks!) Bottom line, we have until mid-August to work something out. If neither of us is working full time by that time, we have bigger problems than our house.

So that’s where it all stands. More wait and see, but right now that’s the best news until one of us gets hired somewhere.

But for now, I need to finish up writing my term papers, studying for my final exam (a test??? I don’t remember how to do this “test” thing), and get ready to start grading 50 term papers starting tomorrow morning. (Also, help get the house ready for Marable Christmas, submit to present at another conference, write a chapter for “Superman and Philosophy”, and complete my Colorado application.) Whee! Needless to say, I’m fine with delays on the house. I want to see my family sometime. 🙂