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Weight Loss Day 38 – Getting Ready to Transition

Had my weekly session today and also had my transition prep! Very excited to start working in foods next week, but it does look like some work especially compared to the “grab a shake and go” prep I have to do now. Although even that will be more prep this week because I filled out the wrong line on the form and got 28 packets of chocolate shake powder, rather than 28 shakes. Whoops.

But I managed to lose another 3.5 pounds! I am down just shy of 25 pounds, and next week will have a body composition test to see how much fat and muscle I have lost. I’m worried about the muscle since I haven’t been able to do many strength-training upper body exercises (did shovel snow), but I have been walking a lot this week, so there’s that at least. My blood pressure is still better, which I was also worried about since it’s been a very stressful week for many various reasons.

I’m just about done with classes for this semester. It seems to of course drag right at the end as I try to get all of the final stuff done. Hopefully next semester when I’m all academic, I can stage things out a bit better.

Well, I gotta start reading over all of my transition information so that I can do all of the math on how much I can eat of what.


Weight Loss Day 31 – Losing the pounds but not the gut

It’s end of the semester, so I sure have been keeping busy with that. Finished one paper last night, have another due next Tuesday, and a little conference for class where we are presenting our papers and commentaries on each other this Saturday. Oh, and work is ramping up as my days left are counting down. People realize I’ll be gone in a month and want to make sure to fit in what they can.

Weight loss went well this week despite not getting in any walking at all until this morning. I was worried I would hardly lose a bit, but still managed 2.5 pounds! And my blood pressure is dropping again. Woohoo!

We saw Wicked in Kalamazoo Sunday night (wonderful show, but long snowy drive!), so everyone got to sleep in a bit Monday. Hence, Diana didn’t go to her class to get an official weigh-in, but unofficially lost 3-4 pounds! Guess spending 3 days walking the mall and stores helps!

Also, since it is going so well and because our insurance is changing in February, we are switching to the shorter program. Instead of 12 weeks of no-food and 12 weeks of transition, we are going a 6 and 6 program. Seeing how this is the start of week 5, in just two weeks we get to start introducing real food again!! Yay! The kids’ dinners are getting harder and harder to avoid sampling (tonights chicken & rice-a-roni was especially yummy smelling!). But we’re managing.

It’s odd also, how even with how fast we are losing weight, it still feels slow. I just topped 20 pounds lost. Yet, I still got this big ol’ gut. For a while it felt like it was softening rather than shrinking (which made me worry that I’d have the problem of flabby stretched skin even after the fat underneath was gone), and now it’s tightened back up. So I don’t know. But I’m down a belt notch and might drop another in the next couple weeks, so something is shrinking.

And the numbers help. I’m really pushing to hit 25 pounds lost soon since that would put me at my lowest since before Samantha was born. I’ll have to really exercise if I’m to hit it next week, and it would have to be a major weight loss week, but even if I don’t next week, then definitely the week after. Plus, when I hit that 25 lb mark, they have a body composition test again to check how much fat I have lost versus how much muscle. I’m eager to see that since that matters more than just a number of pounds. Maybe next week, maybe the one after that. I guess we’ll see.

Weight Loss Day 24 – Thanksgiving and Weigh-Ins

Didn’t post in over a week because we saw all of you over Thanksgiving! So not a lot of motivation to write it all down here as well.

We managed to survive the holiday with eating at both feasts, but keeping it to a minimum (even if we did stretch it and had dessert both days as well!). Diana managed to still lose over a pound over Thanksgiving! Woo hoo! Not sure if that has ever happened in our lives!

I missed last week’s weigh-in since we were traveling to my parents, so this is actually a 2 week total, but I lost 6.8 pounds! Still going great!

I’m getting my walking in, but still need to work in the upper body workouts – both because it would be good for me in general, and also to make sure most of the weight loss is fat and not muscle as well. In January when I am home every morning, it’ll be easier to fit it in after the kids go to school, but we have to figure out something for between now and then.

Not much else to report other than we valiantly kept from succumbing to burrito cravings Рit was close.