No Colorado this year

Anybody worried we would be moving away can relax. We will be in Michigan for now still. I’m not applying to Colorado this year. Few reasons for this:

1) I have been having doubts about whether we should try this year or wait, or even whether we should go out there at all. Figured applying would just open the possibility and even IF I was accepted, I could turn it down or maybe postpone enrollment or something. But the past week or two, I have been having even more doubts. We don’t talk about it a lot, but when we do talk to the kids, half of the time they are very excited & eager, and the other half they don’t want to leave their friends. So I don’t know.

2) I’m still not sure I’m good enough yet to be accepted anyway. Some stuff has worked out to make me look good (on paper at least) and others haven’t. Competition is pretty tight, and being unstandard probably wouldn’t do me any favors. If I wait another year, I could improve my chances But it is adding another year. If I take classes next year it gets closer to there being no point in looking anywhere else since I will be closer to done than not. But who knows?

3) The final straw however is a stupid one, but it is what it is and managed to tip the scales my doubts were already leaning on. I was supposed to take the GRE today but I lost my driver’s license. They need government issued photo ID. No temporary ones. No expired ones. No alternatives. And the Secretary of State can just give me a temporary paper one and an actual photo ID in the mail 2 or 3 weeks from now. (And it take ETS a couple weeks to report the scores as well, I believe, and decisions would probably start being made before then.)


So that’s that for now. I have several job leads, and I’m also rearranging my schedule to just have night classes since the MSU jobs, which are friendliest to taking classes, aren’t panning out and other places are hit and miss with that sort of thing. So hopefully one of those will turn into a real job and we can get things back on track.

Best to focus on that for now. Had thought Colorado this summer would be a good break and new start, but it’s low odds of being accepted anyway and an assistantship out there wouldn’t pay all the bills and debt. So better to just wait and work. Get things under control and then see what 2013 holds.

So you still have us here in Michigan (with this insane weather) for the indefinite future!


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