Going to Boston and Teaching News

I have been accepted to present at the Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference on Consciousness at Boston University at the end of April! Looks like I can get travel funding from the department, so it might actually work out. I filed that paperwork and hopefully should hear soon about that.

I have never been to Boston, and chances are I will mainly just see the inside of a lecture hall for 2 days. But still it will be fun!

Not sure if I mentioned this yet, but on the teaching front, MSU asked me to teach Medical Ethics this summer. IT will be the first half of the summer  semester (mid-May to end of June), but the assistantship is for the whole summer. Might be able to squeak out making it on that and not get real job for the summer, but we’ll see. Gotta run some numbers still.

Also, next Fall, Alma is unofficially interested in me teaching 2 classes, which would be great. Plus, it will be Business Ethics again, and Medical Ethics. So both classes will be ones I have already taught which will help IMMENSELY in effort. Every single class session, I walk away with plenty of ideas of how to make it better, but just getting the initial foundation takes up all the time I spare. It seems clear to me, and talking to other professors supports this, but the first time teaching a course is by far the biggest time involvement. I imagine it was similar for my mom whenever they introduced new units into her class.

However, it’s “unofficial” for now because the provost doesn’t make staffing decisions until late May or early June. Plus, they need a minimum enrollment in order to offer the course. Hopefully neither should be a problem, but I won’t know officially until June. Although, for now the department chair has said he would like me back and is scheduling the courses according to my schedule. Plus the current provost is a professor I worked with in the cognitive science program during my undergrad. (And said he recognized me when I ran into him.) So it’s looking good.

Just in case, I let MSU know that I am interested in assisting there again. I do certainly prefer my own classroom in Alma. It is amazing how much more I learn about teaching that way, and it is far more rewarding than being a grader for someone else’s class.


2 thoughts on “Going to Boston and Teaching News

  1. I do so hope that your teaching classes come through for you. You’re obviously making a wonderful impression at Alma.

    You’re correct about teaching anything new the. It often felt like I was just trying to stay one step ahead of my students learning the material (often just one day ahead), then making refinements after seeing what works and what doesn’t. Each time you teach, you’ll find yourself going over your lessons and saying to yourself, “Next time I think presenting it this way or that way might work better.” A good teacher always refines his/her material and, since you obviously think about those things, you ARE a good teacher!

    Love you,

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