Easiest dissertation ever!

On Thursday when I got to my office up in Alma, I had a bit of a surprise. They not only had a nameplate for the office, but apparently they awarded me an honorary doctorate!!

Dr Ken Marable??
Guess I don't need to go to class this week.

Woohoo, go me!


2 thoughts on “Easiest dissertation ever!

  1. Wow! Congratulations, Dr. Marable! And to think of all those hours you’ve been spending going to class and completing all those assignments. Who knew all you had to do was order a name plate? Maybe it’s like those ministerial licenses you can get online, just go to the website and get your doctorate degree. (Probably can’t use it to perform marriage ceremonies though…)

  2. Congratulations “Doctor”. We always wanted one in the family.


    P.S. The next time you are down here, could you take a look at my hip? It has been bothering me a little more lately. Do you accept Medicare? 😉

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