Snowpocalypse Part 2

According to the ruler, we got 6 inches since yesterday. I’m officially convinced that any snow prediction should be divided in half in order to be accurate. Still, the front yard is a nice spread of snow from the porch out. Pics below.

Driving through the clouds on my way home from Alma

Our front yard this morning (the ruler is barely visible to the right)

And these are actually from last weekend when the kids went sledding with their friend Maryam (she’s in Owen’s class, but is now Ella’s best friend). They seemed appropriate if I’m sharing photos already.

Owen and Samantha at the top of Mickey Mouse Hill
Samanatha, Ella, and Maryam (and Ella of course striking a pose)
Here is all of them plus Owen's friend Aidan ready for a 5 person combo sled.
And here is how they wound up. Front people to the right, back people in the front. šŸ˜›
Ella and Maryam walking up the hill
They didn't quite make it all the way up.
Ella got tired and despite Maryam being kind enough to pull her home, she wasn't in the mood to have her picture taken.

3 thoughts on “Snowpocalypse Part 2

  1. The one video of Owen looks like it stopped just before taking out the videographer. šŸ™‚

    Really loved the pictures and the videos!

    Christine, I keep telling you there’s a great sledding hill at Stony where the disc golf usually is. Have Mike take you there.

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