Month: January 2011

Weight Loss Week 11 – One more week

Almost to the end of the main program and then it’s maintenance! I have pretty much leveled off at losing 1 pound per week now that we are back on food (and I have been walking less). Plus my blood pressure has really stabilized at what I have found online to be pretty much textbook normal. So that’s awesome.

I hope to kick up the exercise a bit again, especially in this final week. If I can manage a 1.5 pound loss, then I’ll manage a 30 pound loss over the program. Less than I hoped, but more that I have ever lost at a time. My 1 pound a week feels slow compared to my numbers in the first part of the program, but it’s still a steady loss. Plus, towards the end here, we have been less strict about our exact exchanges and all that, and have been more of less just “healthy eating”. Doing that and still losing is great.

Sure, we ate out today and I overdid it. But I choose to overdo it, and still “over doing it” was far less than a normal day for me several months ago. It all just needs to be balanced out. Too much of that, means less of this, and more exercise. No guilt. No habitual overeating. Just enjoying a meal (which, by the way, was today’s class topic – slow down and enjoy food again!).

But today we got our last of the Optifast shakes. So the end is near. I will actually miss the shakes and might not mind having some extra stocked up on occasion. When it’s time for a snack or am in a hurry, it’s easy to just grab one of those. So I have to work on other healthy substitutes for the quick food.

Overall, the program has been good, but like many things, it started dramatically and ends quietly. It really dominated our lives at the beginning (for obvious reasons), but now, it’s becoming more of an after thought. Partly that’s due to actually eating meals and real food again. Another part is the vast amount my schedule has filled up with school going now. (Is it a bad sign that only week is down, and it already feels like a marathon?)

But whatever the reason, 1 week from today is our final weigh-in and doctor visit. We will attend a couple classes as make-up sessions, and then have to go to some more to get “lifetime membership” (basically allows us to get products in the future, schedule meetings with staff there, etc.). So there’s plenty more in store, but it’ll be quieter and less dominating. I hope that’s a sign that it’s a settled lifestyle change. The changes from the program are more habit than challenge. It will be a different kind of difficult, sure, but I am confident that, like a lot of other things in my life right now, it’s the beginning transition to a great things.



Worried about weekly weigh-in, but Diana still lost 2 pounds, and I lost exactly 1. Plus I posted my record low blood pressure. Take THAT Mr. Dr. Man recommending blood pressure meds.

Got up yesterday for my first day of being a full time student/professor and not having a desk job. I guess I watch to many movies because it felt like such a new beginning should be more profound, you know? Like I should at least have a musical montage 80’s style. But I just snoozed the alarm twice and then made pancakes for the kids.

Today was the first day of class at Alma. I’ll see about going into more detail on that later (although perhaps not too much, students these days have that Google thing). 😉 But overall, it went much faster than I thought it would, I rambled more than I wanted but less than I feared, and it went alright. The white out blizzard there and back was not fun, however. But I am home safe.

Hopefully something more substantial tomorrow since I have been running crazy getting everything ready for this week.

So what did you do on your Saturday night?

Ella decreed that tonight we would have a talent show after dinner, and everyone had to perform. I am not sure if it was a factor, but last night Samantha had a sleepover and so we are all operating on minimal sleep. (For example, at 4am Samantha and her friends “woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep” – I’m not sure they had even slept yet at that point. Ug.)

The results of our Talent Show are below. Enjoy… if you dare!

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The past 24 hours

Here is a random selection of my thoughts from the past 24 hours:

  • I only have 1 day of work left – Yay!!
  • Wow, I have a lot of stuff in my office drawers.
  • Studying for my logic test (need to pass it or take a class for my degree) – logic was trivially easy when I first learned it, so it shouldn’t be too bad to pick up again.
Kentucky Fried Motherboard
Kentucky Fried Motherboard - Can you guess which motherboard is the one with problems?
  • I think I found the problem with the home PC. Guess it wasn’t just the power supply. Thankfully, I have a spare PC of the same model that happens to be out of warranty and will be scrap in a day.
  • Ok, when logic was trivially easy, that was 15 years ago, and I spent several hours a week for four months learning it. Relearning it in only 2 weeks isn’t as easy.
  • I am definitely a full student now. Studying for my logic certification test until 4am. Yawn.
  • Kids who lose their teeth need doors that aren’t squeaky.
  • Time to train someone on this scheduling app – oh good, it won’t install.
  • You know, leaving this job is a lot like selling your home. I spent the past few weeks fixing all of the bugs in systems that I just put up with for years so that the next person won’t have to deal with them.
  • Geez, it’s my last day of work! Holy panic, Batman, what have I done?! We’re going to be on the streets by summer and I don’t have a radio voice to save us!
  • Time for the logic test and… crappit! Of course, I didn’t study that! There exists a person who understands this question. That person is not me.
  • Well, that test was just ugly enough that I have no clue if I passed or failed.
  • Final documenting everything I know at work. Turn in my keys and close the office. Gulp.
  • No time to worry, got to write up a syllabus this weekend and plan out my entire course – plus tonight we have five 11 year old girls over for Samantha’s birthday sleepover.
  • Deep breaths and Beethoven’s 9th for the walk home. That’s better.