So what did you do on your Saturday night?

Ella decreed that tonight we would have a talent show after dinner, and everyone had to perform. I am not sure if it was a factor, but last night Samantha had a sleepover and so we are all operating on minimal sleep. (For example, at 4am Samantha and her friends “woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep” – I’m not sure they had even slept yet at that point. Ug.)

The results of our Talent Show are below. Enjoy… if you dare!

Ella learned a new style of dance from her friend at school.

Owen opted to demonstrate his targeting skills.

Samantha just wanted more cake, so she decided to make that into a talent.

I told a story – if you can call it that. (I couldn’t come up with a story during dinner, so I had everyone pick some things mad libs style. They each had a few slips of paper with things like “a superpower:” or “something you do every day:” and I made up the story from those. The full list is on YouTube.)

Diana sang “On My Own” from Les Misarables that was so beautiful that I wept onto the camera and shorted it out. So no video. Sorry. However, we did capture our soon to be famous “Confrontation”. We are used to performing it in the van, where I assure you it sounds much better, but this way we were able to add more of the acting element. It truly evokes some powerful emotions. Have some tissues handy.

I expect links to the videos of your talented performances in the comments below, of course.


8 thoughts on “So what did you do on your Saturday night?

  1. I would like to dance with Ella, Rich would like to shoot nerf darts with Rich, and we’d both like to challenge cake girl. You bring the cake, though. πŸ˜‰

  2. Could you guys watch them on Youtube, and rate them, and maybe comment?
    We love to hear your feedback! We had a great time, so let us know if we made you smile πŸ™‚

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