The past 24 hours

Here is a random selection of my thoughts from the past 24 hours:

  • I only have 1 day of work left – Yay!!
  • Wow, I have a lot of stuff in my office drawers.
  • Studying for my logic test (need to pass it or take a class for my degree) – logic was trivially easy when I first learned it, so it shouldn’t be too bad to pick up again.
Kentucky Fried Motherboard
Kentucky Fried Motherboard - Can you guess which motherboard is the one with problems?
  • I think I found the problem with the home PC. Guess it wasn’t just the power supply. Thankfully, I have a spare PC of the same model that happens to be out of warranty and will be scrap in a day.
  • Ok, when logic was trivially easy, that was 15 years ago, and I spent several hours a week for four months learning it. Relearning it in only 2 weeks isn’t as easy.
  • I am definitely a full student now. Studying for my logic certification test until 4am. Yawn.
  • Kids who lose their teeth need doors that aren’t squeaky.
  • Time to train someone on this scheduling app – oh good, it won’t install.
  • You know, leaving this job is a lot like selling your home. I spent the past few weeks fixing all of the bugs in systems that I just put up with for years so that the next person won’t have to deal with them.
  • Geez, it’s my last day of work! Holy panic, Batman, what have I done?! We’re going to be on the streets by summer and I don’t have a radio voice to save us!
  • Time for the logic test and… crappit! Of course, I didn’t study that! There exists a person who understands this question. That person is not me.
  • Well, that test was just ugly enough that I have no clue if I passed or failed.
  • Final documenting everything I know at work. Turn in my keys and close the office. Gulp.
  • No time to worry, got to write up a syllabus this weekend and plan out my entire course – plus tonight we have five 11 year old girls over for Samantha’s birthday sleepover.
  • Deep breaths and Beethoven’s 9th for the walk home. That’s better.

7 thoughts on “The past 24 hours

  1. Random responses from your sister:

    Mike wants to know what you did to that motherboard???

    When do you find out about the logic test?

    Did you finish your syllabus?

    Good luck with classes this week!!! You’ll be great!!!

    1. With the motherboard, it was a power surge. After a blackout, the power blipped back on for a second, then off, before coming fully back on. Despite both being plugged into a power strip/basic surge protector, it also took out our cable box. I just hadn’t gotten around to fixing the PC until now. Funny thing is – sometimes it still managed to work!

      I have no idea when I’ll find out about the logic test. Considering if I didn’t pass it, I need to start class tomorrow, I presume sometime today or tomorrow.

      And I’ve gotten quite a bit organized for classes, but still have to finish the syllabus. That class starts Tuesday afternoon, but I plan to have it done later today.

      With the screaming monster, I turned on a feature to show monsters if you don’t have a picture. Looked like fun. Not sure how to set it to something particular for yourself, but I think Diana figured it out.

  2. Ok, I’ll live with the screaming monster then! šŸ™‚

    Now I need to find out how to get it to email me when people reply without clicking on the link below every time & then going through the confirmation process. *sigh* I used to think I was somewhat techie, but I’m having trouble with this blog thing.

    1. I have to do the same thing Christine. It’s really annoying!
      Oh well šŸ˜‰
      If you want to change your pic, just click on it, and it should take you to Set up an account there to put in a new pic šŸ™‚

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