Month: December 2010

Ella tells jokes and philosophizes

Friday night while we were driving to Bethany’s birthday party, Ella told us a joke about Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer that was pretty funny. Afterwards, Diana leaned over and whispered, “Hey, that was a real joke!”

Ella has always loved telling jokes when we do, but they have been “jokes”. I’m sure you have heard them from Ella or other kids, where they are structured like another joke you know, but don’t make any sense. But Ella finally told a real, bona fide funny joke the other night. Remember to ask her about her Rudolph joke this Christmas.

Oh, and a couple days before that, out of the blue she asked, “Papa, how do I know that when I look at something and my friend looks at something, that we see the same thing?” That’s a very good question, Ella.

Add belts to my list

If any of my family is still Christmas shopping for me – add belts to the list.

I kept having to hike up my pants today, so I gave the next belt notch a try. Sure enough, I’m down a second notch on my belt, which unfortunately is the smallest (at least on the belt I wear the most, but I think the others are the same size).

I have no clue how belt sizes work, but my waist is probably down to 38 or maybe 36. However, I’m sure you have all bought wonderful gifts for me already, well before you spent money on others. đŸ˜‰ I have no problem poking my own holes in my belts to get more use out of them. I just wanted to share that fun little belt notch milestone.

Weight Loss Day 38 – Getting Ready to Transition

Had my weekly session today and also had my transition prep! Very excited to start working in foods next week, but it does look like some work especially compared to the “grab a shake and go” prep I have to do now. Although even that will be more prep this week because I filled out the wrong line on the form and got 28 packets of chocolate shake powder, rather than 28 shakes. Whoops.

But I managed to lose another 3.5 pounds! I am down just shy of 25 pounds, and next week will have a body composition test to see how much fat and muscle I have lost. I’m worried about the muscle since I haven’t been able to do many strength-training upper body exercises (did shovel snow), but I have been walking a lot this week, so there’s that at least. My blood pressure is still better, which I was also worried about since it’s been a very stressful week for many various reasons.

I’m just about done with classes for this semester. It seems to of course drag right at the end as I try to get all of the final stuff done. Hopefully next semester when I’m all academic, I can stage things out a bit better.

Well, I gotta start reading over all of my transition information so that I can do all of the math on how much I can eat of what.


We got 3 inches of snow last night, so the kids needed to go sledding. It was a whole lot of fun (because of course, I went down the hill as much as them). Samantha discovered her own styles of sledding without sleds – first on her bottom, then “penguin-style”. That became her favorite, and after the first few minutes, she never bothered with a sled the rest of the time.

Pictures of them warming up after the link.

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