2010 Year End – Kitty Wiggles

Since the end of the year is the traditional time to reflect (which, whether it is at New Years or some other time, it is always good to look back and reflect), I have been thinking about 2010 quite a bit today.

It has been difficult to figure out how to really sum up this year, since, looking back, it has been one of the more unique years of my life. The best way I could think of is that it was the year of kitty wiggles.

Every cat we have had (and both our daughters when they were younger) have a particular method of pouncing. They crouch down, aim for their target, and then… wiggle their butts. I don’t know if it is to build up momentum or who knows, but it can be really funny to watch. (Video is just a random one I found on YouTube.)

That really has been this year, methinks. Wiggling to build up momentum for some big pounces next year. Some of my usual overly ambitious plans came to fruition, but most remain just on the horizon. But we have made some big transitions and preparations that has really brought them into view.

  • I went back to finish my Ph.D., and now will be quitting my job to teach and focus on studies.
  • Diana and I are both doing great with our weight loss program. She passed a major milestone this morning, and I am now the lowest weight since Samantha was in the womb.
  • I have some writing projects in the works, but again, that’s just getting ready to get going rather than well on it’s way.
  • Samantha is really excelling at her singing and is currently 2 for 2 with her auditions (national choir for our church, and a solo at her school Christmas concert)
  • All three kids are doing great at school. Ella is really taking off with reading (we just finished her first Magic Tree House book last night), and Owen has been promoted to an advanced spelling program.
  • Financially, we certainly aren’t as comfortable as I would like, but we survived another year, and with more time away from sitting in an office writing code, I can focus on a side project or two in 2011 that I have been dreaming of for years.

Overall, it’s been a year of beginnings with some really great stuff just starting to rise into view. It has been a year of building up momentum.

A year of kitty wiggles.


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