Ella tells jokes and philosophizes

Friday night while we were driving to Bethany’s birthday party, Ella told us a joke about Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer that was pretty funny. Afterwards, Diana leaned over and whispered, “Hey, that was a real joke!”

Ella has always loved telling jokes when we do, but they have been “jokes”. I’m sure you have heard them from Ella or other kids, where they are structured like another joke you know, but don’t make any sense. But Ella finally told a real, bona fide funny joke the other night. Remember to ask her about her Rudolph joke this Christmas.

Oh, and a couple days before that, out of the blue she asked, “Papa, how do I know that when I look at something and my friend looks at something, that we see the same thing?” That’s a very good question, Ella.


2 thoughts on “Ella tells jokes and philosophizes

  1. That’s a very philosophical question, Papa. It should be “right up your alley” (I wonder where some of these expressions that I use all the time come from?)

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