Professor Marable

I received my first email from a student addressed to “Professor Marable”. She wanted to know if she could be added the course (it filled up on the second day of registration) so that she can fit in a Philosophy minor.

I said no in the meanest way, of course.

Just kidding, I said it was fine, but had to consult with Diana on how to sign the email. Signing it “Prof. Marable” seemed pretentious and weird. My usual “-Ken” is too informal. I don’t have an actual signature (never had much interest, plus my email account is used for too many different purposes to have a single sig that is appropriate). We decided on just “Ken Marable”.

These are the important issues you face when becoming a college professor.


3 thoughts on “Professor Marable

  1. Are you listed as the teacher for your ethics class in the catalog or list of classes? If so, how are you listed there? Actually, Ken Marable or K.Marable sounds just fine.

  2. PHL227 Ethics and Business AH-3 Q1 25 25 4 TuTh 2:30 – 3:50pm TBA Marable, Kenneth

    Very impressive! At least you aren’t listed as “Staff”. I was always listed as “Staff”. šŸ™‚


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