Weight Loss Day 24 – Thanksgiving and Weigh-Ins

Didn’t post in over a week because we saw all of you over Thanksgiving! So not a lot of motivation to write it all down here as well.

We managed to survive the holiday with eating at both feasts, but keeping it to a minimum (even if we did stretch it and had dessert both days as well!). Diana managed to still lose over a pound over Thanksgiving! Woo hoo! Not sure if that has ever happened in our lives!

I missed last week’s weigh-in since we were traveling to my parents, so this is actually a 2 week total, but I lost 6.8 pounds! Still going great!

I’m getting my walking in, but still need to work in the upper body workouts – both because it would be good for me in general, and also to make sure most of the weight loss is fat and not muscle as well. In January when I am home every morning, it’ll be easier to fit it in after the kids go to school, but we have to figure out something for between now and then.

Not much else to report other than we valiantly kept from succumbing to burrito cravings – it was close.


One thought on “Weight Loss Day 24 – Thanksgiving and Weigh-Ins

  1. I saw your blog yesterday but didn’t get a chance to comment as we were busy with Christmas shopping.

    Fantastic weight loss for both of you! Getting through a “feast” holiday has to be one of the hardest things and still showing a weight loss is, well. fantastic! I still think it’s an added plus that you are both doing this together. It also shows what a good exercise walking can be.

    My treadmill is fixed so there are no more excuses for me. I just wish there wasn’t ALWAYS some sort of temptation each and every week! You guys have shown me that temptation doesn’t mean “giving in”.

    Keep up the good work. You are both an inspiration!

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