Month: November 2010

Weight Loss Day 3 – Detox Headache fading, food more tempting

Well, it’s Day 3 of the Optifast program (don’t want to call it a “diet” since Sparrow has a comprehensive program that goes well beyond just eating less). Of course it’s been different than we expected. So far, I have had very little hunger issues, so that’s good. However, Diana and I both had some serious headaches.

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Dusting this off

Well, it has been a heck of a long time since I wrote here. Typical for my blogging/Livejournal efforts in the past, but now at least I have more to talk about. 2010 has been a very interesting year in transitioning to what looks like a great, but quite scary 2011. More details to follow. 😉

But initially, I plan to use this to journal some for the weight loss program Diana and I are starting. It seems like a great comprehensive program, and hopefully it will get us where we need to be health-wise.

So, please disregard all the old posts below, that was year-ago-Ken. This is the new Ken who is up to some really fun stuff.