Weight Loss Day 14 – Blarg, Sick

The kids got me sick. Blah.

So I wasn’t feeling great last night before bed, but it was no big deal. However, pretty soon it hit me. I spent several hours curled in a ball shivering. Luckily, Ella woke up at 3:30 with a nightmare and that was enough to finally get me out of bed to tuck her back in and get an extra blanket. Apparently, Diana has been sleeping quite soundly – despite Ella coming in the room, Teddy barking at her, and me climbing in and out of bed – she never even flinched. I had to nudge her to make sure she was alive.

This morning I more or less slept in until 11 (wasn’t asleep the whole time but I couldn’t get the energy to get out of bed). I currently have a fever of 101 or 102 (depending on the ear), and my entire body aches. Guess I got a bit of a workout with all my muscles shivering for 4 hours straight.

Speaking of workouts, I really need to get going on my strength training (Diana is better than me and has already done hers). They say these low calorie diets can burn off as much muscle as fat unless you work to rebuild the muscles. Thankfully my walking has helped some. We met with exercise specialists to get a pedometer, a stretchy workout band, and a workout plan to keep our muscles from being burned off for energy. Wearing my pedometer this week, I found out I walk A LOT. Even without walking to work, I easily do 9000 steps a day. Add in walking to work and around campus a bit, I’m over 16,000! Considering she said I should aim for eventually getting up to 10,000, I am off to a good start.

I don’t have an official weigh-in for a few days, but if our home scale is any indication, I better start leveling off or I won’t need all 24 weeks. But it’s still early, so there’s no reason to get our hopes up.

Not too much food craving yet, but there is some stuff that sounds really yummy. Back when we were 100% vegetarian, I found that I craved the greasiest meats possible. Steaks or other finer meats help zero interest, but I totally craved meatloaf, for example. It is similar now, with the food that sounds best to me is stuff like pizza and fast food. Might just be my body getting used to not having all of that nasty fat intake. But either way, pizza does sound very good right now.

In other news, we had the Westboro Baptist Cultists come protest the high school. Not sure what was up with that. Something about Obama being Satan, and we don’t hate gays enough, I don’t know. 3 of them showed up, and about a thousand counter protesters arrived complete with DJ to celebrate love and compassion. Cool stuff. I wish we could have gone, but there was no chance to get anywhere near it, and we were pretty tired from not sleeping well the night before (must have been the start of this cold the kids gave us). Sometimes I wonder if the cultist protesters are really pulling an Andy Kaufman level multi-year con to get communities to unite in good will. But they probably are just that full of hate and insanity. Ah well.


4 thoughts on “Weight Loss Day 14 – Blarg, Sick

  1. Oh no! You poor guys! If you want to be optimistic about it, at least everyone sounds like they’re sick at the same time instead of going from one to the other and stretching it out over weeks and weeks. Is there some unwritten rule that children always must be sick for any and all holidays???

    Very proud of you both for keeping up with your program even while feeling so sick. It’s hard to stay with it when you feel “down”.

    Fantastic that you are getting in so many steps!!

    Looking forward to seeing you guys this week, but please keep dosing everyone with that vitamin C!! 🙂

    1. We’ll do our best to get everyone healthy! Owen had this, then Ella when we were at your house last, remember? We all need to take turns, right? 😉
      Hope you’re doing well and that you’re doing okay sticking with your diet too!

  2. I’m doing OK as far as my eating goes, but I’m hurting too much to exercise. I wish I knew for certain what is happening with my hip and back. I go to the doctor next Monday, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to wait that long. It’s getting harder and harder to sit or sleep.

  3. I’m so sorry you’re in pain! What happened?
    Obviously you don’t know, sorry 😉
    I wonder if it’s one of those things where you were walking wrong because of your knee, then messed up your hip, and then back?
    I hope it’s something easily fixed.

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