Weight Loss Day 8 – Cravings and Diana’s Weigh-In

Diana and I are slightly out of sync since we both started last Monday so that we could begin together, but after that our regular group times are Monday mornings for her and Wednesday evenings for me due to work and kids and whatnot. So far things have been going well.

The headaches have passed, and for me, I haven’t had much in the way of cravings, just some occasional “how long are we going to be doing this?!” moments. Also nice of work to have more free food out at lunch today, including a whole bunch of fresh fruit and desserts. Ah well.

Diana on the other hand has started with the cravings. So far it was salted home-popped popcorn. Plus she even spent one night dreaming about food. But we are both hanging in there. I was hoping that getting to our first weigh-ins would help make us feel this is more worth it.

I have even said to Diana a few times, “I’ve learned my lesson and I’m sorry! Why can’t we just eat normal food but be smarter about it now?” Yes, I’m mean that way and have been the one to bring up normal food. But also I try to be the one in the kitchen cooking for the kids so that she doesn’t have to, but still I will try to be better. 🙂 Also, I keep reminding myself that this is important temporarily to get us to a better weight, then when we are there, we can go back to full diets (just, like I said, being smarter about it and more active).

So Diana survived to her first weigh-in this morning, and, mind you the first week tends to be high as you first adjust – she lost just under 7lbs! I certainly hope everyone is right and that the first week is the hardest, because it certainly wasn’t easy. But we’ve made it. Just 11 more to go until we start some regular food, and 23 weeks until we are completely done with the program! I’m excited about my weigh-in to see how it’s going. I will have 3 extra days, but we’ll see.


3 thoughts on “Weight Loss Day 8 – Cravings and Diana’s Weigh-In

  1. That’s ok, Dora the Explorer is saving all the kids birthday cakes from the bear that stole them, and teaching him how to make cake…whole world is mean!

  2. Way to go, Diana!! I get the salty cravings too, but the first week is really, really hard.

    I’m trying right along with you both (probably doesn’t make you feel much better, but…) The activity part is the hard thing for me. Who am I kidding–it’s ALL hard!

    Anyway, looking forward to how you do, Ken.

  3. Great job Diana! I do hear it gets easier as you go along – well maybe not easier, but you get used to the foods you are eating and don’t see them as not as “normal” as other foods.

    Of course what do I know, I won’t tell you what I just ate!

    Keep up the good work!

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