Weight Loss Day 3 – Detox Headache fading, food more tempting

Well, it’s Day 3 of the Optifast program (don’t want to call it a “diet” since Sparrow has a comprehensive program that goes well beyond just eating less). Of course it’s been different than we expected. So far, I have had very little hunger issues, so that’s good. However, Diana and I both had some serious headaches.

At first I figured mine was a typical tension/stress headache. I’ve had a ton on my mind trying to sort out work and teaching next year. Also, I didn’t think it was a caffeine withdrawal headache since it seemed to set in too quickly. But then Diana said she had the same thing. Plus Mom told me she would run into them as well. Usually lasting about 3 days. Fun stuff.

I felt better last night and this morning, but not 100%. And now typing this up and thinking about it (plus this is my typical caffeine time of day – mid-afternoon) has got it wanting to creep back in. Hopefully it’ll pass.

So far I haven’t had any real cravings yet (for one thing, getting 100% of all my daily requirements would seem to make my body happy), but I have had moments of munchies and eyeing food laying around that would be easy to just snack a bit. For example, last night the kids had some saltines and left the bag out and open. I almost grabbed a couple without even thinking about it.

I think lunch is the hardest at the moment. That’s when I could sometimes head out and eat yummy junk, but can’t now. Or yesterday was great when they had a taco bar for the Residents. I could smell it all the way in my office. Just to be kind, they made sure to set out the leftovers in the kitchen today. Ug.

But overall, usually when I am starting to feel hungry is about the time for the next meal (eating every 3 hours helps with that) and they are small but rather filling. I think Diana has had a bit more hunger problems, but not too bad. She has to sit at home with the kitchen and all of the kids’ snacks around however. Also, this morning she realized that since she wakes up a bit later and waits to eat after her pills settle, she was only doing 5 meals a day rather than 6. So it was like a little bonus getting an extra meal! It’s the simple things that help.


2 thoughts on “Weight Loss Day 3 – Detox Headache fading, food more tempting

  1. It’s weird. I don’t crave anything most of the time, but it’s like you said… If there’s food around, I have to stop myself from munching! Like Xavier’s animal crackers today. I really wanted them!

  2. Keep the remote in your hand whenever watching TV, too. Hit the switch channel button every time a food/restaurant commercial comes on. I also do something (like knitting or crocheting) with my hands. I can’t eat when knitting or crocheting since I can’t handle yarn with food-covered hands. (I always meant to teach you how to knit, Ken).

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