Ready for 2010

I’m in agreement with most everyone else that I’m quite ready for 2009 to be over. It was a cruddy year. Thankfully it wasn’t miserable or terrible, after all none of the worst times of my life occurred this year. But it was generally cruddy.

From continued money woes (although living in Michigan we’ve been down for years but are glad to have some company for a change) to our van being totaled to our worst flu season in a while. Another failed nanowrimo (and December Marathon that wasn’t a total failure but certainly less than stellar). Not to mention a pretty feeble attempt at blogging. Oh and just to wrap up the year, our laptop died and I stepped in cat pee. Joy.

Like I said however it wasn’t a miserable year, just a year that was more endured than enjoyed.

But my hopes are up for 2010. I’m going back to finish my PhD, I have a couple great writing projects started, we are slightly ahead financially (which is massively better than being slightly behind and all the fees that entails), and my family is all healthy and happy.

However, apparently 3/4 of the people who went to the New Years party we attended are all suffering a nasty stomach bug. Samantha already came down with it last night, so it looks like 2009 might be taking one last swipe at us.

Yeah, I’m ready for 2010.


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