Month: November 2009

NaNoWriMo 2009 Part 1 – Slow Start, of Course

Well, I’m giving NaNoWriMo a shot this year. Considered it a few times, but never really went anywhere with it. This time I’ve been doing a good amount of planning between the Snowflake method of novel planning and the 30 Days of Worldbuilding. Unfortunately, things have been busy as usual and my planning is behind.

But I have 1500 words down and am feeling close on the planning. Besides as others have said, your first novel always sucks, so my expectations are low. As long as I can clarify the vision enough to not ramble aimlessly, I’ll be happy.

So, we’ll see what the rest of the month holds. But it’s been fun so far.

1525 / 50000 words. 3% done!