Procrastination Cleaning

Took a sick day because 1) I’m coming down with a cold and want to head it off so I don’t sound like Owen McCoughsalot (poor fella is miserable), and B) the kitchen was so nasty I was going to be sick. Well, thankfully it wasn’t utterly disgusting, just cluttered with the table and counters gone, dishes piled up to wash, blah blah. The amount of cleaning necessary hurt my brain mostly. However, there were a few leftovers in the fridge that almost made me pass out. Always a lot of fun tupperware sniffing.

Went with Diana’s Sing-A-Long Musicals playlist and cranked through the day. The kitchen is looking much better now but of course that means zero NaNoWriMo progress. But if Diana is going to be reading or Facebooking tonight after the kids are down, I’m going to crank through some word count.


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